Client Case Study: ExxonMobil Turnaround Project

July 29, 2021

Project Background

In 2019 AIM was requested by ExxonMobil to carry out an inspection survey to assess the condition of their ethylene export facilities at Braefoot Bay. Owing to the environmental impact of 30+ operational years in a marine environment, the AIM inspection survey determined that significant fabric maintenance and steelwork remediation was necessary for operational lifecycle extension of the asset.

AIM was subsequently successful through ExxonMobil’s tendering process in the award of project phases 1 & 2 for the 20-year lifecycle extension of the asset.

The work scope included a substantial refurbishment programme, which included; structural assessment of primary steelwork, fabric maintenance, design and fabrication of replacement steelwork and significant facility refurbishments.
Project prioritisation as directed by ExxonMobil was given to works coincident with their scheduled TAR. This encompassed structural refurbishment of the export jetty head and re-insulation of the ethylene export line.  

AIM Added Value
AIM added value to this project by utilising a bespoke access system, designed in-house in order to deliver the project as safely as possible and provide cost benefits to the client, as opposed to utilising a traditional scaffolding system which had the potential to incur greater point loadings and greater costs.

The access system was designed with project flexibility and safety in mind. As well as delivering cost savings, AIM’s agile and innovative approach to projects allows the team to explore options that make project delivery as seamless as possible.

AIM utilised advanced abrasive cleaning techniques which reduced the risk of environmental impact in this coastal environment, the technique AIM implemented reduced the spread of blast media up to 98% in comparison with traditional methods.

Challenges & AIM solutions

Notwithstanding several impediments such as harsh environmental conditions, tidal constraints, and the impact of Covid 19, the project was completed safely within ExxonMobil’s allocated TAR timeframe.
Due to environmental considerations and AIM’s strategy of lean and agile project delivery, the team adapted to flexible working practises, scheduling shifts and breaks to coincide with the tides to progress the project efficiently. AIM’s flexibility allowed continuous project progression whilst also considering the safety and wellbeing of the delivery team throughout the process.


AIM deliver projects from conception to completion and this project has been an example of this approach. This project was delivered on time and within budget and to complete satisfaction of ExxonMobil.

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