Highlighting our talent: Liam Kelly

October 7, 2021

At AIM we are proud of our people. We believe that building a strong, experienced team is what enables us to give our clients the best possible service when it comes to protecting and preserving the lifecycle of their assets. 
We have gathered experts in different areas of processing and manufacturing industries to join us at AIM to ensure our knowledge base and expertise is well rounded and robust and we would like to introduce them to our client base through our “Highlighting our talent” series. 


We recently sat down with Liam Kelly who is a Project Controls Engineer at AIM E & C. Liam carries out a varied role with responsibility around project delivery and scheduling and managing resources. Liam’s industry knowledge and exceptional foresight and organisation skills assist AIM in our exceptional reputation for turnkey project delivery.


What is your role within AIM and what does it involve? 

My job title is Project Controls Engineer with AIM E & C, which is a wide variety of responsibilities due to the lean and agile approach of AIM Group. This philosophy around project delivery has allowed me to develop my knowledge and experience of different areas of successful project delivery.

My day-to-day role consists of liaising with site management team and the client interface to assist with the management of project progress, this leads into weekly progress reporting both to client and internal stakeholders. It is my responsibility to extract weekly performance data from our tracking process which is collated into a weekly report dashboard for all applicable clients.  From a pre project planning aspect, I am directly involved as part of the tender process, assisting with commercial element of tender packages by creating project plans from AIM’s historic captured data which are included within the AIM tender packages.

The role requires me to have great communication skills on all levels as well as having foresight of forward planning and problem solving.


What is your background and career history?

Prior to working at AIM, I spent 7 years at the Sullom Voe plant in Shetland, originally with BP and then with EnQuest, taking on various roles. I started off in the first year of my career there as a Junior Structural Design Engineer, which I found really interesting, but when the opportunity for a Junior Project Planner role arose, I applied and didn’t look back– however the structural experience I gained has given me rounded knowledge for my current role at AIM due to the nature of some projects we undertake. I progressed from a junior role to a Project Planner role at Sullom Voe, prior to meeting my current manager, AIM Group MD, Blair, who subsequently offered me a role with AIM based on the experience and knowledge he knew I had.


What are the innovations and challenges in the industry, from the perspective of your role?

The great thing about working at AIM is that the group are very forward thinking in terms of innovations, and that is both in terms of solutions that deliver cost and time savings on projects and how we report to our clients.
A key deliverable for AIM is our data gathering, the data we obtain allows our business to make informed decisions on future projects, thus benefiting both AIM and our existing/future client base. Data and digitalisation to create assurance and predictability is the future of our industry and our business.


Transparency is one of the AIM core values, the whole team ensure that we deliver upon that value through the in depth and detailed data we provide, we ensure that nothing is hidden when communicating with our clients. I believe that we go above and beyond our competitors with the way AIM present our reports, from daily to monthly dashboards. The data is real, meaningful, and clearly communicated, allowing the client to gain confidence in projects which upholds our partnership approach.


If you were a client, why would you choose AIM?

A common theme throughout the business is the clarity around communication and developing a trusted partnership approach is integral to how AIM operate. We go above and beyond to ensure our clients are kept up to date on project progress and share valuable insights which can assist with their strategic upgrades and developments. It’s important to us that clients understand the added value and the range of services AIM can offer, all whilst integrating seamlessly into the client team.


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