Highlighting our talent: Miles Hodgson

July 20, 2021

At AIM we are proud of our people. We believe that building a strong, experienced team is what enables us to give our clients the best possible service when it comes to protecting and preserving the lifecycle of their assets.

We have gathered experts in different areas of processing and manufacturing industries to join us at AIM to ensure our knowledge base and expertise is well rounded and robust and we would like to introduce them to our client base through our “Highlighting our talent” series.

We recently sat down with our Business Development Manager, Miles Hodgson to discuss AIM, his role and how his technical background and industry knowledge supports his role in delivering solutions to AIM’s clients.  

What is your role within AIM and what does it involve?

I’m currently the Business Development Manager with AIM so my role essentially is to drive awareness of AIM within the industry, source new leads and opportunities and look after our current clients.
AIM began life in 2017 and I recently joined the business, so my goals for the rest of the year is to develop strong relationships with our existing clients and spread the word amongst industry contacts about who we are and what we can achieve.  

My role varies from day to day, for example I could be visiting a client project, ensuring that the works are running smoothly, meeting a new client to discuss a project requirement, or preparing tenders in the office with the team.

What is your background and career history?

My background is varied and mostly in technical roles prior to sales and business development.

I began my career with Senior Thermal Engineering Ltd where I completed a full technical apprenticeship, spending my early career on the shop floor where I trained as a fabricator before moving  within the company into the drawing office where I completed my apprenticeship.  

After working for various companies in a design role within the Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutics & Chemicals and Hydropower sectors, my career took a different direction, firstly as a construction engineer then as a project engineer.

Prior to AIM, I have worked across the UK, within various sectors as previously mentioned
Some of my more memorable roles that I have worked on have included my position with Petrofac as a field piping engineer at the new gas plant operated by Total on the Shetland Islands, spending 5 years with BP in the repairs team on the Sullom Voe oil terminal.  

However, with AIM I would say the most memorable project that I have been involved with is Braefoot Bay, for our client Exxon. The project involved structural steel works on the jetty head and fabrication maintenance on the pipework.  
The reason I enjoyed being involved with this project so much is because we were able to utilise an innovative access system to carry out the works over water, thus reducing the need for scaffolding which had a positive impact on the costs for the client.  

What are some innovations and challenges the industry is facing, from your perspective?

The main challenge, which has impacted all industries globally, is the Covid-19 pandemic. The result of this in our industry is that many of our clients have had to cancel planned projects and maintenance or put them on hold.  
As restrictions ease, we are expecting an influx of projects throughout the industries we work in to start up at once and I’m really looking forward to getting out there to let potential customers know that AIM can be their trusted partner in delivering these. We operate a lean and flexible business, with a track record of delivering projects on time and within budget, which is arguably even more important now than ever before to asset owners.  

If you were a client, why would you choose AIM?

I would choose AIM to deliver projects as we have carefully selected our team who have gained vast experience working for some of the large operators in the Oil & Gas Sector, therefore each of us, including myself, know exactly what challenges our clients are facing and what they need for these issues to be resolved in a timely and cost-effective manner. We aim to deliver exactly that whilst integrating into their team as seamlessly as possible, taking a partnership approach to our working relationships which deliver trust and transparency from project conception to completion.  

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