From greenfield projects, to brownfield lifecycle extensions, AIM delivers bespoke fabrication, including design, installation, and maintenance.

From our purpose-built fabrication facilities, our clients benefit from tailor-made components, built to exacting specifications. Having a dedicated fabrication site means our clients receive the assets they need on time and within budget. We ensure that our fabrication adds value, saves money and provides fast turnaround.

Our lean approach ensures that components are designed to enhance the lifespan of our customers’ assets. Through ingenuity and innovation, we deliver the highest standards of quality, customer service and safety. We have fully integrated management systems and use the latest fabrication, welding and cutting techniques to meet our clients' requirements.

Dedicated Facilities for Maximum Value Add

Having our own 25,000 sq. ft fabrication facilities ensures a streamlined supply chain. At AIM, we can deliver fabrication as a stand-alone service, or as part of an integrated project. From greenfield projects, to brownfield lifecycle extensions, we can handle small-scale repairs, modular components for medium constructions and fabrication for large-scale projects.

We work with a range of materials from stainless and carbon steel, through to exotic metals. We fabricate elements for various constructions, including execution up to Class 3.  

Upon agreeing all project specifications and deliverables, our fabrication process is overseen by our engineering team, where quality and documentation are controlled. We can provide inspection and testing of the components as per our clients’ requirements. We can also provide ongoing maintenance to ensure the components achieve their maximum lifespan.

Quality Assurance That Meets All Standards

Quality assurance is one of the core values by which we operate as a company and it's fundamental to our success. As a single point of contact to our customers, we’re able to identify what projects need as well as what the client wants. We’re proactive in selecting the most effective materials, the most efficient design and the methods that will meet the desired outcome.

Quality speaks volumes in fabrication, that’s why our customers trust us to deliver the highest standards. We’re ISO 9001 accredited in Quality Management Systems and we demonstrate our ability to meet all statutory and regulatory requirements with every project we deliver. We continuously refine our processes and look to improve our systems at every opportunity.

Safety is also a core value at AIM, that’s why we build safety and environmental needs into every stage of the fabrication lifecycle. From design implementation to inspection and testing, we adhere to Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. We also have ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) accreditations.

Capabilities Delivered Through Project Milestones

From conception through completion, at AIM, we ensure all milestones are met. We lead through our value of transparency and we share all project deadlines with our clients. We believe that by gaining our clients’ trust and keeping regular communication, a transparent approach guides the project outcome.  

Careful planning improves predictability and minimises risks during fabrication. It also enables our technicians and project managers to account for any variances and make necessary schedule changes to ensure the project milestones are achieved.

Collaboration is another core value at AIM and underlies every successful project. We ensure that everyone involved in the process understands their role and responsibilities and we involve our clients every step of the way. In addition to our own 25,000 sq. ft facility, we also have a partner company with capabilities within their 40,000 sq. ft facility, as such, we can provide FACIN HAV 3145 Plate Rolls, Welding Fabrication Standard AWS D1.1, 320 tonne Brake Press and all CE Marking in execution class 4.  

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