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At AIM, we work across all industrial process sectors. We provide fabric maintenance that improves the integrity of assets throughout their lifecycle.

We provide all aspects of industrial services, with a particular focus on abrasive cleaning, coating, application and insulation. Our clients benefit from our ingenuity and appreciate that we seek the most efficient and cost-effective approach.

Our team is experienced in working across all stages of an asset lifecycle and we assign technicians to projects based on their skillset and proficiency. In striving to deliver value, our clients benefit from reduced costs and projects that are delivered on time.

Delivering Efficiency Through Innovation

From greenfield projects, to brownfield lifecycle extensions, our innovation ensures we deliver maximum value with minimum downtime. Our fabric maintenance service uses market-leading technologies that enable us to capitalise on modern methods, reducing project schedules and budgets.

As part of our coating application service, we implement a range of techniques, including rotary wire brushing, hydroblasting, abrasive blasting and mechanical de-scaling. We operate to industry standards, including ISO, NACE and SSPC and we use marine coatings to prevent corrosion, extending the lifecycle of process plant equipment.

Our thermal insulation service helps protect our clients’ assets where processes are subject to high temperatures. We work with a range of materials, including fibrous, cellular, elastomeric, agglomerate and aerogels. We also work with new technologies, such as sprayable insulation composite coatings.

An Agile Approach for Optimal Performance

We adopt an agile methodology across all our industrial services. Our approach to fabric maintenance delivers maximum value against our clients’ scope of work and budget. By focusing on accurate data capture and schedule delivery, we can increase productivity and increase operational efficiency of a given project schedule.

Before undertaking fabric maintenance scope, we conduct a site survey and perform all due diligence. This builds the foundation of the project and allows AIM to determine an approach that will benefit the project financially.

When applying surface protection, we use the most efficient products to ensure assets achieve their required lifespan. Throughout the application process, we employ a rigorous inspection and testing process to ensure the work achieves both client and industry specified standards.

Committed to Upholding Health and Safety Standards

In all aspects of fabric maintenance, safety is built into our process. At AIM, we adhere to Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. Our chartered engineers have the skills and experience to manage risks in the planning stage and we can provide a principal contractor to manage and monitor health and safety throughout.

At AIM, our accreditations include:
/ ISO 9001 - Quality Management System
/ ISO 14001 - Environmental Management
/ ISO 45001 – Health and Safety Management

We communicate safety values throughout our organisation and ensure it’s at the forefront of everyone’s agenda. Our policies are designed to encourage all employees to promote health and safety within and outside our company. By communicating information effectively, we proactively improve health and safety in the industry.

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