At AIM, we seek innovative new products from the global marketplace, in keeping with the lean business model that underlies our procurement offerings.

As a turnkey provider to all process industries, our clients benefit from an optimised service. Our procurement activities effectively reduce cost and speed up cycle times. Using the latest innovations, our clients have access to centralised reports, so they can track deliverables and monitor project progress.

At AIM, we handle the entire procurement process. We’re responsible for selecting suppliers, managing orders, expediting, inspecting, testing and for handling all documentation. Our clients appreciate our quick response time, which is achieved through our core value of collaboration. Our procurement team works closely with our project managers, project control engineers and technical team to facilitate effective decision making.

A Lean, Agile Approach to Procurement

At AIM, our procurement team aims to optimise costs at every turn. From planning a concise bill of materials, to transport and logistics, our customers’ bottom line is at the forefront of our focus. They benefit from our knowledge and expertise and trust us to recommend equipment and materials that will add the most value to their project.

With full visibility, comes effective decision making. That’s why we’re transparent about our procurement process and provide our clients with continuous oversight. With our centralised reporting, everyone can track progress and make collective decisions when variances arise.

With our lean, agile approach, we coordinate activities in such a way that identifies risk ahead of time and plans for alterations in advance. We evaluate all our suppliers and we only work with established companies with a proven track record. Through careful planning, budgeting and reporting, we ensure the procurement process is as streamlined as possible.

Driving Efficiency Through Accountability

Our clients appreciate that we operate by our value of accountability and provide a single point of contact. From managing invoices, to adhering to compliance, our customers are unburdened by documentation, administration and their associated costs. Our lean approach means there are fewer interactions to manage, which reduces risk and ensures clear communication.

As a turnkey procurement provider, AIM has greater influence to drive performance and ensure projects are completed on time and within budget. We ensure that everyone involved in the supply chain understands their role and responsibilities. We take the time to identify and research vendors, through our pre-qualification process. This ensures that we meet our clients’ requirements.

Two of our core values are quality and excellence, and they drive our decisions when selecting personnel selecting the most effective products and materials for our clients’ projects. We’re compliant with all safety, environmental and quality assurance standards, including ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

Managing Cost for Maximum Value Add

At AIM, we provide our clients with a concise bill of materials, in keeping with our value of transparency. We’re proactive in seeking the most cost-effective equipment and materials and we advise our customers accordingly, explaining the reasoning behind our recommendations.

Integrating budgeting into the procurement process from the planning stage adds value throughout. Every cost is calculated and variances are anticipated and accounted for.

Our clients appreciate our honest approach and we make budgeting data available to all parties.

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