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Covering all stages of the project lifecycle, we plan, implement and maintain the cost controls of engineering projects.

At AIM, our project control engineers save our clients' time, ensure their projects stay on schedule and reduce their costs. Project controls are the processes used to predict, understand and maintain the time and cost outcomes. Through data gathering, management and analysis, we assist effective decision making.

Project controls improve predictability, ensuring that milestones are met and delivered. Our clients benefit from having a single point of contact, where transparency and communication guide the project outcome.

Project Controls That Plan for Success

A successful project needs appropriate planning. At AIM, we work closely with our clients to build a robust plan of how the project will be executed using a lean, agile approach. This transparent way of working allows us to inspect our collective performance and necessary adjustments to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Data collection is essential for managing project controls. We use data from previous projects to drive our decisions. Equipped with the latest tools and training for collecting data, our procurement team is skilled at using information and insights to select materials that provide the best value for money. This approach enables us to learn from previous projects and anticipate variables. It also allows us to provide an accurate breakdown of costs and to identify areas for potential cost reduction.

Planning initial baseline performance through a work breakdown structure (WBS) enables us to estimate the future potential of a project. We’re able to identify variances and consider appropriate action to ensure projects remain on schedule.

Managing Costs and Driving Value

Cost management is an integral part of project control and should run through every stage of a project’s lifecycle. By monitoring the financial health of a project throughout, we ensure that budgets remain in line. Accountability is one of our core values and we take full responsibility for delivering projects within agreed costs.

Integrating budgeting into project control from the planning stage adds value throughout. Every cost is calculated and variances are anticipated and accounted for. Our clients appreciate our transparent approach and we make all cost control and budgeting data available to all parties.

Benchmarking budgets against progress provides essential input into the forecasting process. With this data, our project control engineers can compare estimated and actual costs and take necessary action to ensure the project is completed on budget.

Maintaining Oversight with Progress Reports

At AIM, we understand how important it is to have clear communication channels. That’s why we use progress reports to show all cost and scheduling metrics. Using a lean, agile methodology, we share reports in a variety of formats, including s-curves that provide a visual representation. Reports are sent on a daily, weekly and monthly basis so all parties can review data accordingly.

We then use this information to streamline our operations and ensure we’re working with a minimum viable product that adds maximum value.We hand-pick project control managers based on their skills, experience and expertise to ensure that project controls are managed effectively. Collaboration is another core value at AIM and we believe the success of a project is largely driven by the people involved.  

Having a single point of contact ensures that we identify what the project needs as well as what the client wants. We involve customers throughout the entire process, from planning, through to delivering on schedule and to budget. Project controls enable everyone to work in partnership, using data to drive action that will deliver the required outcomes.

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